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The US government has set aside billions of dollars as government grants to help the population tide over economic crisis,and These grants are not to pay off credit card debt or personal loans and any site which asks you to pay for information regarding government grants for credit card debt is dubious. Many loans and Grants are available like education grants,single mother grants,grants to pay bills,car grants nad loans,home grants,home repair grants,federal grants money,minority and disability grants and more.It is not advisable to pay someone for information about the grant applications and their eligibility, as the same information is available for free here.....Find Out More About Grants!!

Government Grant Money For Individuals:-
Grant for Education
Government education grants are given to students from low income families to help them get a higher education. There are several grants for individuals looking to continue with their education, like Pell Grant, SMART Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, TEACH Grant, etc. Each of them have their individual eligibility criteria and the reward also varies.
One of the basic requirements for applying for these government education grants is filling the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. Detailed information regarding each education grant is available on the federal student aid website, you can also contact the financial aid office of a college near you to get further information.
Grants for Business
Most of the government business grants are for non-profit organizations and institutes working on projects that will help develop the community. Business ventures that plan to work on agriculture technology, renewable energy, or energy efficiency projects get government funding. The Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistant (CFDA) website has details regarding government grants for small business, federal financial and non financial assistance programs.
Once you have identified the grant which has an eligibility criteria which you qualify for, note the CFDA number and then access the government grants site for on-line applications. If you are wondering how to apply for free government grants, the CFDA website is a great resource and it will also assist you with writing a grant proposal.
Grants for Medical Bills
There are some government grants for medical bills and the information regarding these grants is available on the US Department of Health and Human Services website. Also, check the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website for free online applications regarding programs that offer financial assistance to low income families and senior citizens for medicines.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Apply Free Government Grants to Pay Bills-Free Money For Paying Bills

Apply Free Government Grants to Pay Bills-Free Money For Paying Bills

This recession is hitting every hard. Many families are finding it nearly impossible to pay all their bills, especially if they have lost their jobs. And if you are stuck, unable to come up with enough money each month to make ends meet, you may be in luck with government grants to pay bills.
In a country as rich as America and with as much money Uncle Sam takes in every year from our taxes and gives out to other countries, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that any American should be living without the basic necessities. 
It is a crime. But, unfortunately, many citizens have no idea that there is government help available…or maybe some are just too lazy to apply for it. Either way, the government sets back billions of dollars each and every year to help Americans with bills such as heating, rent, and food, much of which may go unclaimed each year.
Apply Free Government Grants to Pay BillsEach and every state in this country has some sort of government grant money to help people with certain bills. Each state gives these government grants to pay bills a different name such as heating assistance or utility assistance, but each one gives money for the same thing, which is to help pay the heating/air conditioning electric bills.
And, if your house is not energy efficient, you can also find grant money for bills that include putting in insulation in the attic, walls, or floors or to replace windows.
But those are not the only government grants to pay bills you can find. If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, then you may be able to get assistance from a new government program through the recovery act in which you may be able to obtain a fixed rate mortgage with a lower payment, this allowing you to be able to pay your mortgage and keep your home.
However, if you are a renter and not an owner, you may be able to qualify for a housing voucher, allowing you to find affordable, clean, and safe housing for you and your family that is not located in a housing project area.
Plus if you qualify, you may be able to receive temporary financial assistance and job training in order for you to be able to make more money, thus being able to pay your bills with greater ease.
Lastly, there are even grants to help cover the cost of groceries and healthcare for those who apply and qualify. Plus, if you are interested in going back to school or starting a business, you may even be able to find and acquire grants in those areas too.
But remember, you must apply for these government grants to pay bills. They will not come to you, so do your research and find all the available grant sources you can, or take advantage of the grant kits and their free trials, which can save you time in the long run.

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